New Governance - NCAA

Doing this purposefully to avoid the Power schools from stepping out and creating their own autonomous league.

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If they try to break away for a basketball tourney watch congress get involved.


"There’s a huge gap in Division I with schools roughly with $175 million budgets and schools with $4 million budgets,’’ Lyons said. "A lot of times we’ve tried to legislate from an equality standpoint. Is there possibly a new division? Is there a Division Four? Do some schools break away and make a Division Four, and what is the membership requirements?’’

This is the phrase in the article that you should watch. If there is going to be a P4, this is how they’re going to do it. The fourth division, P4/5 and the third division G5. That autonomous status we talk about, let’s see.

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Screw it! There should just be Promotion/Relegation like they do in the European Soccer leagues. If you do good you get promoted to the 1st Division; bad, you get relegated to the 2nd Division. Screw it!!!


Excerpts from the constitution

Each division shall have independent authority to organize itself, consistent with the principles of the Association. Each division is authorized to structure itself as it deems necessary, including creation of sub-divisions or creation of a new division and determination of membership eligibility for these new organizations, including the role of conferences. New divisions or sub-divisions must be self-funded by the originating division.

Then this

Each division shall determine the sports in which they run a national championship and the access criteria for participation.

No more FBS conferences . Simply single sport or multi -sport conference.

This is going to be messy. They will debate and dither with this new governance structure for ten years.

there will be a power 4 and the 4 team playoff will remain.

we will get screwed once its all said and done. I’ve said it all along.

the haves will not ever allow the have nots a seat at the table. this is why OU and UT jumped ship and the alliance was formed, without the big 12.