New Hire is in!


Solid hires!

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So Carrier may be announced later?


No one has made anything official.

UH hasn’t announced anyone yet.

Funny the west virginia board is stating this and citing GoCoogs. Then another Coog board says it citing the west virginia board.

Too funny. Meanwhile UH has said nothing. Not saying these won’t happen just sayin nothing is official on any hires per UH athletic department.

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Warning! Warning! Will Robinson!
Alex Hammond is a horn. :-1:
Okay maybe he’ll be okay. :+1:

I didn’t think AAD was a position the coach hired, I figured that was part of the administration department under the AD. Who was our last one?

It’s assistant AD for football I think instead of assistant AD for the whole department.

I haven’t heard anything of Gibbs lately. Has he been spotted on campus

GoCoogs source is not confirmed.

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Oh interesting! I’m getting excited now.

Belk has been known for awhile. He was at the press conference with Carrier. Excellent coach who came with a glowing recommendation from Nick Saban. Belk was a GA at Alabama before being named CB coach at WVU. Heaven knows we could use a great cornerbacks coach.


Longhorn or not, this is an impressive background. When is the last time we had a former White House intern on staff?

Hammond graduated from Texas in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in government and earned his juris doctorate from the Northwestern School of Law in 2008.

While a student at Texas, he interned at the White House for the office of public affairs and was the executive director of the Longhorn student body, the highest appointed student position at the university. He represented the student body in front of the Texas State Legislature.


That just means that he will be on Tom Herman’s staff soon.


Only after a Peach Bowl win.

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So GoCoogs1 is not a reliable source? Huh who knew?