New Ismaili Center Coming to Houston!

There aren’t many of these in the world. The Aga Khan has them built anywhere the Ismaili presence is large enough to necessitate having one.

I visited the one in Dushanbe, Tajikistan when I was working at the US Embassy there years ago, and it was quite interesting!

For more information on other Ismaili Centers, and the concept of an Ismaili Center more generally, see here:


Based on what I see here, it is going to be architecturally BREATHTAKING!!!


Mayor Turner also comments:

This will be the first Ismaili Center in the United States. I hadn’t realized that until now!

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It’s being built in the block-size vacant lot bordered by W. Dallas, Allen Pkwy, and Montrose, right across from the beautiful sculptures for tolerance on Buffalo Bayou. The Rosemont Bridge is behind the statues. Both of these places are spots that I take my out-of-town visitors to when they’re in town.


One of 6 in the entire world! That’s huge!

Okay. One more thing in the world I was unaware existed or what it was.

Which statues are these exactly…sorry to ask :flushed:. Are they street visible ?

They face Allen Parkway at Montrose. Find a place to park (not too easy) along the south side and take a walk in that area. Another parking option is on the North side at Fonde Recreation Center across from the Cistern and skate park. It’s a beautiful part of the city. From downtown to Dunlevy there’s a lot of see and enjoy on both sides of the Bayou. The Rosemont bridge is a photographer’s dream in my opinion. There is parking available you just have to find it. BTW, anyone who hasn’t been to the Cistern it’s a must see. The website is Houston Parks and Recreation Department.


Thanks for the info. I’ve wanted to do the Cistern for longest time , but I’ve got young kids
and last time I checked they were not old enough yet to do the tour :frowning:

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A couple of light artists (artists using light?) from around the world (not US) have used the Cistern for their shows, which were spectacular. Great photo TimmyChan. For those who don’t know, there are seven of these sculptures.

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Cool. This is across the street from my apartment. I assumed they were building more apartments.

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