New LB Coach

Another scoop by Berman. Playing nice appears to pay off.


I hope he can recruit and coach like Coach Early


With his various stops, he has probably made a lot of contacts among coaches.

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Really good LB at Aggieland…lots of coaching experience down here. Seems like a really good get…


Their rushing defense has been one of the best in the country the last few years. I’m betting he had a lot to do with that. Welcome home coach!


Would love to talk to him about his recruitment to A&M. Heard some interesting stories about it.

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There have many, many interesting stories throughout the years.

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Don’t expect him to break the code of silence.

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I agree.

There was another linebacker on that team, Manning I think was the last name, who was just as good but I don’t know what happened to him. They also had a good running back who ended up playing baseball.

Chad Morris was his coach so piece everything together lol

Sad to say Bay City’s talent base dried up like a prune shortly after and they became a punching bag

True, ATM has been buying players since long before the days of shot putter/FB player Randy Matson who told a friend of mine (who was a HS teammate in Pampa TX) that he chose ATM back in 1963 because they paid him the most $$$. Certainly nothing new to see here.

my brothers sister in law was married to a TAMU player back in the late 60’s. They lived next door to one another in College Station. He got regular payments from boosters. It was quite normal to do so evidently.

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