New Movie coming out by StudioA24

Looks intense.

Do you believe this movie is “predictive programming”? If so, isn’t Tim Pool (and other fools like him), just giving it free advertising?

Edit: this referred to the original link provided for the movie.

Seems like this could jump into politics quickly. Or maybe that was the intent.

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It’s a movie. Entertainment… nothing more.

That’s not what the tweet you linked to indicated.


So not predictive programming as the tweet says.

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So your telling me what I intended by the person who tweeted it not the movie itself? Ok……

No, I’m saying you linked to a political tweet about the movie and that could lead to a political discussion.


Ok, fixed it.


Only recognize a few names from the cast.

Seems interesting. I might watch.

Love the cast members of this movie for the work their known for the most respectively, but I can already tell this movie is going to be terrible just from the casting selection

No A-listers in sight, and Ron Swanson as the president of the US?

Gonna be garbage

Let me guess…Northeast ideal = good, all of the rest = bad.

Like Titanic, I already know the ending

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Funny in the movie the West and Texas have joined together, so we know its a farce. I’m sure there will be modern commentary it just won’t be so obvious
Kristen Dunst finally looks like an adult. Hadn’t seen her in a while.
This movie is playing on our current anxiety. It does not look like a quality movie but might be interesting

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The Netflix/Hussein movie is pretty good. Scary because it seems like it could happen. Shows how a civil war might break out. I thought 6.6 was kind of a low rating. Although Julia Roberts character is pretty annoying.

So a movie needs A-listers to be good? That’s ridiculous.


Just watched it last night. Meh. They tried to cover dual genres, spooky horror and apocalypse horror, and to me it just didn’t work.

I actually watched this over the weekend

This barely looks like a step up from The Purge lol

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