New Napoleon movie releasing in Nov

It should be good. I love history and there aren’t enough movies on Napoleon out there on Netflix etc and generally there aren’t great movies being produced anymore with history behind it.


Looks good!


Looking forward to it!

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Joaquin Phoenix has a reputation of being different, but no doubt he’s a good actor.


He’s been in several movies I liked.

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Would be so much better if this thread was…

‘New Napoleon Dynamite movie releasing in Nov’… :grin:


That’s what I clicked for. So disappointed now.


That was good on the comedy side so I’d like another one of those too

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You should go see the movie in nov. It’s rare Hollywood makes these great movies

I’ll probably just do what I always do now. Wait for it the streaming release.

For the cost of a movie ticket I can get a whole month or more of most streaming sites. Add popcorn and a coke and that’s maybe two or three more months. Add a date and now we’re up to six months.

Ok fair enough

Waterloo is one of my all-time favorite films. I’ve read a few biographies on Napoleon and Chandler’s Campaigns of Napoleon. Chandler is (or was) an excellent historian, and that is a great book—very detailed.

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I saw that one and it was great

You want to see the best Napoleon’s movie?
This is it.

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I’ll try that too

It will blow you away. AMAZING movie.

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Napoleon also helped Bill & Ted pass their history report.


Joaquin Phoenix good shot for another Oscar.

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We can’t forget the classic remake……

Napoleon I “Blewyourboneapart”……it was a straight to video kind of fick.