New NCAA Uniform Rules

Wow. Seems like there are bigger issues in college sports than something like this.

I’m all for uniforms being “uniform,” but a t-shirt hanging out or a shirt riding up is nothing. Cripes.


Agreed…this one makes no sense. Someone’s trying to NFL-ize college football.

This is funking dumb.


At the same time the ncaa is allowing rapists/pedophiles acolytes to run freely without any punishments. Without a doubt the ncaa has its priorities straight. They do stand for something. You can add to this if you would like.


The one thing I really like, is covering the knee.
The lack of knee covering had gotten totally ridiculous. There was no covering in recent years, a totally unsafe condition. A Helmet hit on an unprotected knee, is good for a season ending knee injury. I want our guys to be protected.

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This makes sense to me. College FB isn’t a game of shirts and skins.

PS: I went downtown yesterday to the Harris County court house and walked for about a block or two behind some clown that was constantly pulling his pants up (or holding his pants up) so they wouldn’t fall on the ground. How stupid is that? It seems to me that some folks just need to grow up or wise up.

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Does that really make a difference? Its a tiny pad just on the front of the knee for the kneecap and this rule doesn’t even require players to wear that pad, just not have skin exposed. Not against it, just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. The midriff one I get, I guess the knee part isn’t bad. Not getting why a t-shirt matters (One of the Williams did that his whole career) or the exposed pad causing issues.

I am going to start a movement to get exposed elbows out of the game! Just too much injury risk and some guys are abusing the opportunity to show off their elbows. The NCAA needs to step up! #ExposedElbowsCauseCancer #ThinkAboutTheChildren

Looks like DB’s and WR’s across the nation will have to find a new swag, even some of ours.