NEW Pawdcast: Episode 131 With Jeremy Branham!

Link to Episode 131

As usual Jeremy was fantastic and I think we did a good job recapping the season that was.

If you haven’t listened in a while, PLEASE check this episode out so you can hear our new and improved audio setup that’s thanks to CoogFans!

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Speculating about the UH job if Tom Herman leaves after this season?


Whether it happens or not, just horrible.

I never listened to the Pawdcast before. Thought I’d try it out. And I stopped listening right then, forever.

You blew it guys.

Maybe I heard wrong but weren’t they saying how would the program be better if he were to go elsewhere.

Given the recruiting and the facilities improvements and the Peach Bowl, there is nothing to debate. Should Herman leave, the next guy will inherit a better program than Herman inherited. End of story.

So talking in June about Herman leaving us in December in an attempt to say he’ll leave us better off is just defeatist. Such a loser mentality. Signs of an inferiority complex.

No thanks.

Earlier in the discussion, there was talk about how lucky we got against Memphis and Cincy. More loser mentality. More inferiority complex.

So “Pawdcast” away fellas.

Be sure and talk about how an injury to Greg Ward won’t hurt us too much. Or that if Renu dies in a plane wreck, we should be able to attract another good president.

In any event, I won’t be listening.

We would personally give most of our meager net worths (and I personally spent a good chunk of mine to make the Peach Bowl and all but 2 road games last season) to keep Coach Herman at UH.

In fact Jeremy, Dustin and myself all agreed that Coach Herman has proven to be a man of his word and believe he likes Houston and will be staying here.

But we won’t disturb your safe space with the possibility that Tom Herman will leave and what our program will look like then. I mean nevermind that every coach in the history of collegiate sports has eventually leaves, COACH HERMAN WILL COACH THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON UNTIL THE SUN TURNS INTO A RED GIANT AND LIFE ON EARTH CEASES TO EXIST!!!

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