New Pinks' Billboards - Bowl Game

I’m not sure if any of you have seen our NEW Pinks Pizza billboards, one on 610 near Yale and the other on Heights Blvd near the railroad track. As you can see, our founder and his entire family are in Cougar gear! We hope you’ll remember to support us this Holiday as you’re watching all the Bowl Games, and the NFL too. We are proud to support UH Athletics, and the city of Houston. If you live in or near Bellaire, give our little Bellaire Pinks some attention. (5225 Bellaire Blvd) It gets lonely over there!
If you can’t make the trip to Vegas, we hope you’ll join us at the UH Campus Pinks Pizza for the Las Vegas Bowl with $3 Draft Beer - ALL 40 TAPS OF DRAFT BEER - starting 1 hour before kickoff, ending when the final whistle blows. Thanks, and Go Coogs, KuesoKen


Great billboards and way to support UH!

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I highly recommended a large pepperoni with jalapeños. That’s all you need.


@KuesoKen51 you ever open a Pink’s here in Pearland and I’ll be there at least once a week. Only decent option I have down here is Center Court. Look into it Ken!

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So is it 7 locations or 8?

#8 is in the GB Airport, Terminal C

I loved that Center Court in Pearland when we lived there! Miss that place.

Ken thank you and pinks for your support. Greatly appreciated.

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Oh, I see what you were pointing out. :slight_smile: The one that says 7 is from a proof…the final had “8”.