New Rankings: Coogs stay at 6/7 in the AP/Coaches' Polls this week

No changes this week. Thought we may jump Stanford in the coaches’ poll as they struggled against UCLA, but no go. Next week should see a shakeup with Louisville going to Clemson, Stanford going to Washington, and Wisconsin visiting Michigan.

Coaches Poll

AP Poll

Note: Oklahoma wasn’t ranked this week

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@pray10 Thanks for putting all this and other info together. Go Coogs!


I don’t see a change in our ranking as far as the Michigan/Wisconsin game goes. If Wisconsin wins, they’ll flip flop with Michigan.

Of course LBuconn.


I honestly don’t think we’ll move up until the Louisville game. Thankfully we shouldn’t have to. Beat the Cards, one of Ohio State and Michigan has to lose, run the table, and we’re in.

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