New Schools in Texas at VH/R1Research Level

So Texas now has 8 schools at this level with the addition of
UTSA and Baylor.

Can never rest on our past achievements. I’m wondering if the Carnegie rating criteria
will need to be refined as more schools achieve this level of performance. And pursuit
of getting the AAU invite becomes more important now to distinguish UH.

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Renu will get us AAU. She hasn’t failed yet on any goals and it’s the last big prize. I’m confident she will get it down in the 5 yr plan or so. Plus she’s respected all around so we have a great shot.


Oh, I second that opinion and have no doubts about plan or leadership to
get there. I’m just suspicious if it is a somewhat political process or purely merit based.
I have no real in-depth knowledge here on either supposition, but just curious.
May be a combination of both. I’m curious if our 2 instate big brother public schools would sponsor.

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