New tax plan: CP donations will no longer tax deductible

Well, this would not be good for CP.

Does no one care? I thought it was kinda a big deal.

As much as this sucks for season ticket sales, they probably shouldn’t be tax-deductible.

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If they are not tax deductible what would be the impact to universities. Though not a huge deduction it’s nice to be able to write it off and get the perks.

If you are giving for the deduction then you are giving for the wrong reason…

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We give to CP for the sole purpose of being able to purchase our seats. With or without the deduction true Cougar fans will continue to buy season tickets.

Get real folks. CP will lose donations because of this. This is done to save the top 1% money. I’m sure that none of us are in the top 1%/

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How in the world do rich people save money by no one getting tax deductions?


No one is giving solely for a tax deduction… at least they shouldn’t be. It wouldn’t make any sense. That said, it is an incentive that likely makes some people more willing to do so.

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I do not donate for the tax deduction. Also I think our required levels of donations to secure football tickets is low compared to universities such as TU, A&M, Alabama, etc. I think our highest donation level (excluding club boxes) is $650 per ticket. So if a donor at this level is in a 30% tax bracket the net donation out of pocket is $455.

I am fortunate as my company matches my CP donation because it is tax deductible. If it no longer will be then I will lose that matching portion. Will I double up, probably not. I don’t give because it is tax deductible but I like that benefit. If this will be the case schools will be affected. UH has to do more with less and if this hurts UH I don’t like it.

How is our level of required donations compared to Tulane, Tulsa, Navy, and Temple which are more comparable than those that you mentioned.

I think what this will really affect is the very high end ticket sales – suites and loge boxes are often sold to companies that use them to entertain potential clients (or at least, that’s what I’ve always been told.) If the donations involved in that are suddenly not tax-exempt, we lose a significant incentive that makes us preferable to competing options like the Texans or Rockets.

They should still be able to write off as business expenses. The change is it just wouldn’t be a charitable expense that individuals can write off.

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Honestly, I’m pretty sure nobody cares about the reasons they receive donations. They care about the amount and the frequency, both of which WILL be impacted by this proposed change. Even folks who are motivated by the deduction have choices where to donate, and if they’re choosing to donate to UH, CP or whatever, then who’s to say whether their reasons are right or wrong.

Was thinking the same thing.

I think his point is, people don’t donate $100 so they can save $30 in federal income taxes.

I’m certain that some people actually do make donation decisions based on tax implications. If it wasn’t a big deal, then charitable organizations wouldn’t advertise it as a benefit.

It’s a benefit and an incentive to get people to do donate. That said, you don’t make a $100 donation to save a maximum of $40 in taxes like shaggy mentioned. It wouldn’t make any sense.

People do - they would rather a charity get their money than the government.

Paying $9.00 for beer at football games doesn’t make sense either, but you know… :slight_smile: