New UH Football Locker Room

New UH Football Locker Room



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Nice! P5-worthy.

This is awesome:


They did a great job on the lighting

WOW!! Simply wow!! From start to finish they did a great job. The overall presentation of the locker room is great by getting the kids excited and showing them where the program is going. The show them how hard work can pay off (NFL Coogs). But most importantly to first have the strong foundation (first step in the door - no drugs, no weapons, respect women, etc. etc.) Great job.

Man, just fantastic! Strictly top shelf and highest excellence. Recruits will be so impressed and our boys so appreciative of these amenities…THANKS for the pics.

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Not even lettuce

Wonder if they’ll give a tour to the season ticket holders? 8D

All 25,000 of them (or whatever the number is)? that would be sweet.

No, but i would expect the 46ers to get to see it.

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