New unis

I really like the new unis. Look sharp with the stripes on the shoulders. Thoughts?

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Agree. Looking forward to the other combinations. :grinning:

agree…and as has been said before, these unis are good luck.

I still prefer the red pots!

The uniforms are good, but the guy anchoring our DL getting up in the air like that is AWESOME.

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I like that they have the look of a traditional program, similar to Ohio State or Nebraska. I prefer that to something new and flashy every three years. Comes off as very “G5ish” IMO. But I do wish they’d wear white pants. Some contrast is good.


I agree. They are in the tradition of the BY and Pardee unis, but just updated enough to br different. Glad the double stripes are back.
Classy, classy look.

I really like them. Im sure we will see various combinations of the red pants and jersies including the traditional look. I would like to see white jersy with red pants at a road game.

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Gotta admit I hated them when they came out on social media…thought they weren’t so bad when Greg Ward was on the SI cover…but seeing them on the players live on the field and then on the replay I was sold these jerseys are nice and fitted which helped our stud athletes stand out even more and just look professional…I agree with the G5 comment these kits certainly gave us a P5 look

I think this is the best look the Cougars have had since the 80’s.

I really like the uniforms, the traditional stripes and overall look; however, there will be plenty of uni/helmet combos to make the players happy (which is important these days, apparently).

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Completely agree. I think this is a look that we should stick with. It still has a traditional feel with a slight face lift.

Loved em from the moment I saw em. Clean, crisp, but not bland. Classy and tasteful, not gaudy or cheesy. Not a silly distraction to call attention, but just enough to have recruits dig em.