NewsNation (formerly WGN Chicago)

Not sure how many people are up on this, but the former superstation WGN Chicago has begun the process of converting itself into a news network, one with far more news and less opinion than most.

Its broadcasting is centrist or perhaps slightly center right, based on the media bias chart.

Check it out on any cable where WGN used to broadcasted.

At this point, it broadcasts news in the morning and live from five pm until night; syndicated rerun tv shows are broadcasted during the day from 10 am to 5pm but the plan is to eventually go to 24/7 news.

They have some solid broadcast journalists, starting with Dan Abrams.

Check it out.


Yep, pretty much as you descibed.

I would welcome a news station that actually focuses on news rather than commentary.


You are posting again the same source that I pointed out a few weeks ago that gives election donation 10 to 1 to democrats?
Her chart states that the new toilet times, fake news cnn, rachelmsdncmeadowlands is more believable than foxnews or Newsmax?
You can’t make that stuff up.

Foxnews and newsmax aren’t reliable.


Are the ones you posted reliable?

Yes. More so than foxnews and newsmax anyway.

No they’re not…you loved those stations before your hatred for Trump

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I never cared for them.

Watched OAN for a time, but it got too psycho and Trumpist.

Now stick mostly to PBS and NPR but may give NewsNation a go.


Just what we need… Another 24 hour propaganda mill… I mean news station.

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No news outlet just reports the news, as in the facts of the matter as they are known at the time. That’s why I don’t watch ANY of it anymore. If I want to know what the President or someone in congress said, I find the transcript of the speech or a video of the news conference.

I’ve lived in Chicagoland since the 90’s, never watch WGN.