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Having one close loss to a good Temple team on the road and a solid victory at home against a decent WSU team, do we move up, down, or remain the same?

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We’re out and UT losing by 6 to tech bumps them in.


Down. Not Out.


I figure we will drop 1 or 2 spots just because we are not in one of the unearned but so considered power leagues.


Might stay the same. Lot of teams in the rankings lost this week.


I think we drop but stay in. From behind us, Buffalo, Kentucky, Marquette, OU, Nova (if they win today), Ole Miss and Iowa all could pass us. Ahead of us Ohio State and Mississippi State could fall below us. I’d guess we’re around 22-23.

Others receiving votes.

We’re still in, probably the 20s. 1-loss teams are rare in NCAA hoops as well. ESPN bracketology still had us as a 4 seed after our loss.

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I think we are in the upper teens


LSU is 12-3, 2-0 in the SEC. They can’t rank them and not us so that explains why we’ll be ranked still.


Rothstein had us at 14 in his poll he just tweeted out.


Same. #17


Yea but he had us #11 last week pretty sure.
I say we slip to #19 or 20.

we slipped 1more than I thought #21. put up 2 tough road wins this week n all is Well!!

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On the flip of that, lose control at one of the road games and we are out. We are the Rodney Dangerfield of college basketball.

Now that we have been ranked for 4 or 5 weeks, this has t be the longest ranking stretch in 30+ years.

Only slipped 2 to 17 in the coaches poll.
NET ranking is at 8


i get it but at the same time i dont get it as to why we are ranked with 3 and 4 loss teams

Sure there’s about 10 other Teams that think NO they are Rodney Dangerfield w Rankings. #NoRespect :open_mouth:

all about who you have played. Other teams have played much tougher schedule. Only team Coogs have played who were ranked in top 25 was Oregon and if you follow College Basketball… WOOOF!!