Next year’s QB

Is it gonna be the Arkansas transfer? Because Smith is a senior right?

Smith is a junior.


Alright that takes the question away. Should we have hope in the Arkansas transfer?


I doubt it because Ale passed him on the depth chart, but I did hear somewhere Ale was moving to safety.

Yeah. Smith has just been underwhelming this season excluding a couple games where he looked good

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Smith has been inconsistant but our problems aren’t his fault.


Main problem is obviously coaching.


Smith has been good enough, and he’ll get better. This team’s problem isn’t the QB.


They need to figure out what they do well and do it. The lack of understanding your players and trying to do things that don’t work over and over is frustrating to watch.

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We could keep the current team except for fixing the run defense to even an adequate level and everything would change. The surest way to beat us this year is a good running game.


Smith reminds me of Tune in Tune’s third year. Fabulous one play, and a total head scratcher the next. If he works as hard as Tune did, he’ll be fine.

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Smith cannot get through his reads and get the ball out fast enough. There are wide open guys he just misses and then scrambles for a loss all too often. Once the opposing defense understands that and adjusts, it’s just three and outs all game long.


Smith IS NOT the answer


The Magic Portal will spit out a sacrificial offering.

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Blaming Smith isn’t the answer either.

Well this is a thread about qbs.

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Smith is actually playing very well for a QB pushed into a new system and he is constantly running for his life. Our OL is so weak it’s embarrassing. Against OSU, Smith was dodging and weaving the whole game. It’s amazing to me that he completed any passes at all.

On the OL, I will say Pancake did an admirable job filling in for Freeman. The center is so key to the offense, and losing Freeman really could have totally derailed us. Hat’s off to the coaches for getting Pancake ready.


I am wondering if Pancake would have been a better option at one of the guard spots or is he just viewed as a center.

Totally agree. Smith is like Tune, but he’s progressing quicker. Next year, he’ll be really good. It’s a shame we won’t have him a couple years more. One thing CDH is good at is developing QBs.