NFL Coogs - Final Cuts Sat by 3 pm

Figure I’d start a new thread to track the Coogs in the NFL, posted this in the other thread last night:

As far as where everyone sits:

Secure: Keenum, Sims, Hayden, Roberts, Jackson III, Bowser, Mbu, H. Wilson (IR to start the season)

  • Ward may be on the outside as the Eagles have a lot of talent at WR. My guess is he goes to the practice squad
  • Ayers may be back on the practice squad due to an injury in the preseason, and more talent at WR for the Steelers this year. Possibility they keep him as their punt returner.
  • McCloskey has a decent chance at making the squad as the backup FB as the starter has been hurt this preseason.
  • Malveaux probably showed enough to be kept on the practice squad somewhere
  • Mathews may not be able to go back on the practice squad, but I’m not sure the Packers have him in their plans
  • B.Wilson was activated for the last game and I think he starts the season on the Browns roster
  • Hightower is projected by some to be the 4th safety for the Colts
  • McDonald won’t make a roster; not sure if Buffalo would keep him on the practice squad
  • Leone was in a battle and may not have won the job. Tough to tell.
  • Farrow’s injury really hurt his chances. Best chance is either IR or practice squad

Update: As of Saturday at 4:30 pm

  • Howard Wilson CLE was placed on the PUP list and will be eligible to come back between Weeks 6-12
  • Tyler McCloskey SF was cut
  • Adrian McDonald BUF was cut
  • DeMarcus Ayers PIT was cut
  • Joey Mbu WAS was cut (wow, surprising)
  • Brandon Wilson CIN was cut
  • Derrick Mathews GB was cut
  • Cam Malveaux MIA was cut
  • Lee Hightower IND was cut
  • Kenneth Farrow LAC was cut
  • Richie Leone ARI was cut
  • Greg Ward Jr PHI was cut

Thanks for posting and updating.

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Lots of cuts, hope these guys end up on some practice squads.

Damn, everyone that I thought was on the bubble was cut along with Joey Mbu. Tough business.

Believe guys can be signed to the practice squad starting tomorrow at noon.

Green Bay signed Derrick Mathews to their practice squad.

Bengals signed Brandon Wilson to their practice squad.

Greg Ward signed to the Eagles practice squad.

Dolphins signed Cam Malveaux to the practice squad.

Colts sign Joey Mbu to their practice squad.

DeMarcus Ayers turned down offer to join the Steelers practice squad.

Ayers ends up signing with the Patriots practice squad…where he’ll be coached by Chad O’Shea.


The Patriots are diabolical. Demarcus Ayers might have the final TD in the upcoming Super Bowl.


Kenneth Farrow, placed on the chargers I/R

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Good to see Farrow get picked back up. Seems like a good insurance policy in case their RBs don’t work out.

So, McDonald, Hightower, Leone, and McCloskey were the only ones that didn’t get picked up.

Arizona just cut Leone’s competition today so they must not have been real impressed with their options. I thought Leone did well, but he struggled with kicking FGs and I think the Cards are looking for someone who can do both. I imagine Leone will head back to the CFL.

Kind of surprised on Hightower; he had a good preseason with the Colts so hopefully he gets picked up somewhere.

I am surprised on McCloskey. I thought that he had earned a practice squad spot. I sure hope that he/they get picked up.

I don’t see him on their practice squad. Did he really sign with them or was this wishful thinking?

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This is what I was looking at …