NHL Playoffs

Anyone else watching…? I picked up the Canes as my squad when I moved to the Raleigh area 3 years ago.

I never watched the offensive nuances and the bone-shattering hits much before… But I’m hooked!

Playoff Hockey is the best post season of any sport. I usually cheer for Red Wings and was Flyers fan in the early eighties. I do hate rooting for anything Dallas but I do like the Stars a little.

Can’t root for Dallas… I do like their jerseys, though…

Reminds me of the Aeros jerseys.

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I was rolling right along until I saw the word “Flyers.”

Not being too critical, though. Everyone occasionally has awful and evil thoughts.


I liked Flyers underdog team that took Gretzky’s Oilers to seven games.

Stevie Y will get the Wings back to where they need to be, a slow process. Made even slower by a tainted lottery selection process this year.

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Love the Stars. Kraken pushed to a game 7 tomorrow. Playoff hockey is great.

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I’m going to my first NHL game in this next Canes series… I’m hooked!


I’ve thought about it not that far from Raleigh. Plus they have a Maggianos.

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And a Perry’s… Just ate there Friday.

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I went to many WHA Houston Aero games way back when so I like to see the former WHA teams do well. That puts me on board with your Carolina Hurricanes, formerly the New England Whalers, especially since Gordie Howe played for both Houston & New England.


Bout to kick some Florida a$$!

Wow did not stay up to watch after first overtime. Can’t believe it went 4 OT. Hockey players are just on another level.

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I saw it… Unfortunately. Game 2 tomorrow!

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NHL has the best post season in pro sports.


I’m trying to make Wed night game

Looks like the Canes season is over… Florida goalie is lights out right now.

Yea the Stars are on thin ice….as well.