Nice Gesture re:TSU Staff Salute

I was glad that our AD arranged to have the TxSU staff thanked on court last night. Sure there was a financial incentive for them, football payday,etc but I appreciated the way we were made to feel welcome over there for a season plus.


Agreed. They really deserved the recognition. I went to 95% of the games there and I felt welcomed and appreciated.


Can’t agree more. Loved our time over at TSU and loved how they made us feel welcome.


+1 - great folks


I miss the jambalaya, Cajun nachos, and funnel cakes.


UH needs to look at the concessions at TSU compared to FC. It is quite sad when TSU has better and more reasonably priced concessions compare to the mansion we are playing in now. Aramark is the worst. Overpriced food for the quality and service. Two sodas and a popcorn should not cost $22.


Aramark…Aramark run bartertown!


I agree completely…but I will give credit where its due…I went to two different concession lines over the first three games and the folks working were actually pleasant. That’s a nice change.

Adding to my original post…one night earlier in the season over at TxSU I went to get a bottled soda and found that one of the west stands was out of Diet Coke and at the next one the cooler had broken and the sodas were no longer cold. One of the ladies volunteered to go to the stands at the other end of the arena to get me one. I went after it myself but I was like ‘For real?’

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I was pleasantly surprised when I bought a beer last night. I used a credit card and instead of waiting for my transaction to go through, the guy had me step to the side while my transaction processed so he could take the next guy’s order while mine processed. Great way to keep the line moving.
I was glad to see him doing more than the minimum and left him a nice tip on top of my overpriced beer. Besides showing my appreciation of his service it gives him encouragement to move as many customers through as possible so he can collect more tips.

I hear Fertitta runs a couple of restaurants.
The Pappas had some of their kiddoes go through the HRM program as well.
Wouldn’t it be great to feature Houston area eateries at TDECU and the FC?
We should dominate the country in concession options.


Since he runs the BOR it would likely run afoul of Conflict of Interest regulations.

Interesting idea.

Hopefully, we can get out of the Aramark deal. The main campus ditched Aramark and has gone to more local eateries to help fill the bill and it’s been much better. If we can get BB’s, Pinks, Landry’s, etc in there, things will be so much better.