Nick Saban's hopes would kill AAC dreams

Let’s hope Saban’s “hopes” remain just that.

Go ahead Nick. Be a leader in this. Stop scheduling FCS teams first. Then go to only 6 home games like it will probably be required to do this. Nothing stopping you from starting this right now


Exactly what I was thinking. Get ready to eliminate lots of bowl eligible teams as well.

This would make perfect sense to me if they could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that every P5 team is better than every G5 team in every way, and they always will be, despite ups and downs in programs. But obviously that is never going to be true.

I also am probably in a small group that actually doesn’t really enjoy big P5 v big P5, those games are almost always slow, predictable, and low scoring. I would also bet schools like saracuse, Rutgers, and Kansas would be scheduled to the brim with blue bloods since most wouldn’t survive a schedule like as an wants.

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Meh, dumb idea that would kill off college football as a major entity. Sport does need to be “NFLized” as Saban is basically suggesting.

Can’t wait until he retires.


As someone that’s never seen Animal House…wow. That article stretched the comparison way, way too hard.

Another bad idea from a great coach and terrible voice for the sport.

I remember when he was trying to blame CTE on hurry up offenses a couple of years ago. And before that when he compared losing back-to-back games to 9/11. And before that when he swore to his Miami Dolphins team that he wasn’t going anywhere the day before he did.

The guy’s head is so far into his team’s playbook and recruiting that he comes across as an idiot on any topic outside of those.

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That Animal House analogy was just trash. The TV networks would like Saban’s request because it’s tough to sell some of these early season match-ups. The only way Saban’s proposal works is if the playoffs are expanded. No P5 team wants to increase the difficulty of their schedule to ultimately lose a Sept game and see playoff chances go down the drain so early in the season.

When UH played South Carolina, the fans from USC called him “Satin”.

He has been singing the same tune for some time now. Unfortunately the pendulum has moved the wrong way.The media treatment toward G5 schools supports his idea…That is what we have to fight. P5’s ARE more or less mirrored around an N.F.L. franchise idea. That is why they do no want to open revenues to G5’s.
We gotta win every game with the most points possible and “force” our way in. Ratings will always be in our favor if we keep winning. We are not a Tulsa or even Memphis. We are Houston proud. That is major…LEAGUE difference.

perhaps Nick Satan meant FBS instead of P5. Alabama has feasted on FCS (1-AA) oppoenents such as La. Monroe and has a future schedule filled with teams like Mercer.

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I would give my left arm for UH to get a shot at Alabama at any location.

You do know we haven’t beaten them… ever. Even during the Yeoman years. Still, I agree with you. :sunglasses: