Nike Coaches Polo 2016 -- Other Items

Picked up the new Coaches Polo at the bookstore today. They aren’t on the shelves as of lunch, so ask the nice ladies that are there and they will assist you. $80. Red and Black ones this year.

Also, either this board or the other (the topics are so duplicated now hard to keep track), I believe someone was after a golf bag, and someone else after some license plate holders.

Attaching pics of them all.

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I need that golf bag…

Are these only in the bookstore or do you know if available in the Cougar Authentic at TDECU?

I was there around 2pm and pick up the red one. Very nice polo. I’m also impressed with the Under Armour apparels as well. Need more kids stuff though but overall, it’s an improvement yearly with all the new apparels.

Is there an online website we can buy the new stuff from?

Thanks. Happen to remember the price of the golf bag?

74 - the fan shop located next to Taco Cabana is currently closed with the switchover of new mgmt. Expected to open next week.

Law - I believe the bag was $245.