NIL ruined college football

Happy that student athletes get paid the money they deserve, but UH cannot compete against the NIL powerhouses

Pack your bags


My post from another topic on NIL. We are last in NIL within p5 schools. Only school in question is BYU.

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It has made it awesome. These prices are what the market commands. It could go down or up, but it will naturally correct itself. If the government tries to regulate it there will just be more cheating. This money has always been there to an extent.


Excellent take. Let it rip. Let the market dictate where this goes.

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I think it’s disgusting. College football was all about pride and pagentry, now it just seems to be about the money and fielding the best team money can buy. These aren’t student athletes but mercenaries now.


I don’t like it. Cause now head coaches b*tch about not having enough NIL to compete

Last year Coach Sampson, whos a pretty good judge, said Shead may have been distracted by off the court stuff/NIL

Shead, whos a mature kid. Can you imagine whats going on with other athletes who lack maturity?

Yes, glad they’re getting some compensation. But wish they just were being paid by the school, with a contract. That’s where we should head


Agreed. Plus these athletes don’t care about the college they commit to anymore.


Oh yea, because that never happened before NIL. Just ask SMU.

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I think small college ball is the last refuge of what athletics is and should be about
Not saying it’s pure as driven snow, but a love of the game and a dedication to alma mater is more likely there. When we hearken back to ye days of olde, football and baseball during their formative years in the 19th century weren’t exactly Pollyanna.

The Ivy League looks st “leveling” the playing field through NIL. Definitely some money there to be thrown to at least basketball players that might otherwise be looking at Duke, Stanford, Northwestern, etc.

I’m fascinated by what seems to be no academic “concerns” having been developed or arisen in conjunction with the rise of NIL. Hey I’ve got coin. F this school shirt.

Just don’t see how university administrators, even our own peehaps, can just stand by and watch it marginalized to nothing. The time was that UH was scrutinized heavily in this regard. Now you don’t hear anything about anyone, anywhere. Don’t hear much about any academic ineligibility re anyone, anywhere.

What gives? Are there academic integrity watchdog efforts of any sort? I guess things have changed and despite the “impressive” spoken word we hear from athletes they’re actually Einsteins in the “classroom”.


We either adapt or get left behind. It is what it is.


Get over it bud. People have a constitutional and god given right to earn money off of their own image. What kind of a country would bar someone from making money on their own appearance? The fact that it was barred for so long is the real crime!


The “$1000 Handshakes” of the SEC the good ol days now.

There needs to be salary caps or something similar to protect league competitiveness a la nfl/nba… since we’re going that direction.


NIL is just a ruling that amateurs can make money receiving money from advertisers for the use of their names, pictures, and image.
What is ruining college football is no oversight regarding what constitutes a for-profit enterprise or a purpose-oriented non-profit enterprise.
I truly don’t understand why the NCAA exists anymore. They are a grotesque manifestation of uselessness.

Note: There is an answer to NIL. It starts with the letters…CON____.


I am ok with the market dictating outcomes but college football is not a free market. There is no return on the investment of NIL money. The investors aren’t navigating the market to find the highest risk adjusted rate of return.

This is just very wealthy people having fun. It is like a big poker game, where the university is the House and provides the facilities to play the game and gets the pot at the end of the game (every night).

I am glad the players are getting paid but they were getting paid before as well. Now they have to pay taxes on it.


Because this is not what the ruling was designed to accomplish.

There’s also a second answer to NIL for us. That would be Tilman resigning his position with UH. Then he could advertise with our players til doomsday.


The genie has been now let out if the bottle. As I’ve said, we won’t recognize CFB in 5 years. The big question is can UH compete in this brave new world? Time will tell

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Tell me you don’t understand economics without saying you don’t understand economics.

NIL absolutely is a free market. People are willing to pay athletes for their name, image and likeness, regardless of the reason. If the thing they’re buying with their NIL money is “fun,” and they’ve determined that it’s worth it to them, that’s well within their right.


Ok, communist.

Every other scholarship student can have employment outside of their educational obligations yet athletes MAKE the college’s money yet you want to deny them their capitalistic right?

Like i said, there are TWO buckets of NIL

  1. marketing opportunities in said city/market (true intent of NIL)

  2. donations raised. The current environment is not sustainable. People will reconsider how much of their generation wealth they are giving to athletes with very little ROI ( i.e. Texas A&M donors).

Plus, i think we will see some rule changes and the NIL does NOT create more talent…it evenly distributes them.

It makes college football BETTER…more patity for those Universities that are organized!

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They aren’t getting paid for the economic value of their Name Image and Likeness. That is ridiculous.

They are getting paid to play football or basketball and they are getting paid for ego reasons and not with any economic benefit to the person paying.

To say this is free market economics is ridiculous.