NIL UH Hoops Jerseys

Man…can you imagine how much Phi Slama Jama could have made if NIL had been around in the 80’s?

If for some reason UH decides to try and cash in on this, this is what I’d want.

#20 Rob

#40 Micheaux

#5 Capers

Capers??? Kenya Capers???

That’s my guy! Cult hero

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If you get Capers, I get Mars Evans.

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UH can’t cash in on it, it’s the player’s naming rights, not UH’s/. The players can sell and endorse stuff, but it can’t have UH on it or school uniforms.

What would prevent UH from releasing classic jerseys and giving former players a cut?

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I think NCAA rules still apply there. The players are free agents as for as their name use goes, but not the teams… The NCAA rules prohibit selling jerseys with players names.

Would a player be able to sell a red jersey with their name on the back if doesn’t have official university logos?

Could have H-Town or Third Ward on the front?

As long as it doesn’t have anything about UH on it, I think it’s fine.

Hmm. I think this something the players should consider. I am not lying if it looks nice I would buy one Perhaps @strakerak could do something like this with the players.

Doesn’t PSJ belong to UH?

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