NIT Updates

Only going with 16 teams, but no automatic bids, played in Denton and Frisco. I assume Wichita and Memphis are locks if they don’t get into the NCAA tournament. SMU with a good NET and being in town should make them a no brainer as well.

Man, I’m so glad we’re out of the days where we hoped for an NIT bid and ended up with either nothing or some knock-off postseason tourney.

I’ll never take it for granted after those futile years. Never.


May I add an amen to that?

Is everything moving to Texas?


WKU sneaks by in the 1st round.

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Saw the end of Western Kentucky game.

Very lucky to win their game.

Memphis Dayton playing on ESPN right now.

Surprised it’s that close

Memphis wins by 11.


Every game a war in tournaments. I still have Memphis winning the whole thing.