No 23 utah beats Az. by 6

i watched part of this game and that lillie running back of AZ really gashed utah on some big plays, also when dawson had time to throw he made some long strikes down the field against the utah defense. Utah gave up 24 points.
I think the Az team is better than they looked against us…i think our defense just makes teams look bad…here’s hoping we can do the same to the red raiders.

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And Arizona might have won if not for incompetent PAC12 replay officials not overturning a fumble call by the Arizona QB with under 2:30 left. Instead of AZ ball at the Utah 25, Utah got the ball and ran out the clock. All the announcers were surprised they didn’t overturn the fumble call.

And keep in mind heading into that game Utah had the #2 rush defense in the nation. Az lost the turnover battle 5-2 but only lost by 6. I agree with you, I think Arizona is a lot better than people think.

We too experienced the incompetence of PAC 12 officiating.

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That was bad. Even the replay showed his butt hitting the ground before the ball came out.

This game was frustrating all around, the pick 6, wide open dropped passes (multiples, one for a wide open touchdown), bad calls, blocked FG. AZ should’ve won but shot themselves in the foot too many times. I think they could end up as a 7 win team which is respectable considering they have a pretty tough schedule

Are you talking about their game against Utah or Houston?

I don’t think AZ shot themselves in the foot a bunch in our game, we just shut them down on D, plus the officials were bad in favor of them if anything