No Fans-Good or Bad for our Coogs?

I thought I’d start this so we can actually talk some hoops. Compared to other teams in the field do you think having no fans is an advantage or disadvantage for us?

We will see what happens in the conference tournament, but we are currently undefeated in neutral site games. Doesn’t get much more neutral than having no fans there!

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We did well in Hawaii where there weren’t many folks in the stands for our early round games.

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If they ban fans from the conference tournament, it might be an advantage for us if we are playing Cincinnati or Wichita State because their fans always travel better than ours.


I think it’s advantageous to us especially against blue bloods that travel better than we do.


I think it’s an advantage for two reasons:

  1. Some teams feed off the crowd (good or bad) more than the coach. Not us. Our guys know they better not let up 1 ounce due to the emptiness that’s our culture.

  2. In order of likelihood Grimes Mills Deeky. Those are three guys you give them a ball and tell them to go have fun out there take some pressure off they can absolutely go off. Now the other teams might have a guy like that too.

Either way we need a sports psychologist and a secret scrimmage vs semi-local B12 or SEC fellow tourney team in a big empty arena. Start prepping them now.

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Grimes specifically was special in Hawaii.

As I posted on another thread, its Rollerball.

Wonder if they will blast taped cheers like the football practices that prepare the team for crowd noise?

One thing to consider:

How will the lack of crowd effect the officiating?
Let them play more, call tighter games, or little or no change?

I’m more interested in how the lack of a crowd will affect the enjoyment of the TV broadcast. It’s going to be awkward.

It’ll be an interesting learning experience. We will be able to hear the coaches and players.

I’m guessing 10 second tape delay with censors on hand…coaches rants will be heard clearly with no crowd.


In past years, our guys would have felt right at home. :wink:


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If you want to make it interesting no delay and wire the coaches.

Let’s here everything.


like the xfl, lets here those coaches :wink:

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To some degree, it is still that way. Our Coogs are used to playing in front of small crowds and empty gyms. @ USF, @ Tulsa, and @ ECU were small crowds. Even at the FC when some games are announced as a sell-out, but the FC is only 60% full. I think our kids will be on task, they will give great effort, and they won’t care who is there vs. not there. Plus, the TV cameras will be there, so crowd or no crowd, the kids will be under the bright lights of national TV. Love my Coogs win, lose, or draw. HOUSTON > COVID-19.

Go Coogs! Peace.

It is all about the culture. Advantage Coogs.

Wrong…FC 80-90% full on announced sellouts. I guess you needed to be there to see that. Student section was lacking, granted, but outside of that, no way 60%.


Speaking of which, what was happening with student attendance this year?? They were overflowing last season.

I have been there…season ticket holder (2 seats in section 112). I made all of the home games except for two. Yes, the student section was lacking (even after the spring semester started), but the other end was empty, too. There were games where both ends were sparse and the club section (gray seats) had late arriving crowds or no-shows. No complaints about my section (112). It is usually full from top to bottom. I got to sit in the club section, club seats behind the Coogs bench for 3 games this season courtesy of a co-worker, and the view from the club seats across the FC to sections 110-116 is a good fan view. The crowds are strong in 110-116.

Excellent crowds this year coming down the stretch…crushing WSU, Tulsa, Cincy, and the best was Memphis. For Memphis, the seats were full and it was LOUD. That game makes me wish the season would never end. In the 2nd half, the Coog crowd was into the game on every possession.

Go Coogs! Peace.