No football in the fall?

it’s getting real…

Hopefully the CFP will still meet and televise their rankings every week even if no games are played…this could be Texas’s year to make it into the playoffs!


I love the quotes of the high-level senior officials and AD he never names per his so called sources. If you ever were high level senior official or an AD, would you give him an off the record comment in these critical times?

Never have been a fan of that guy. Just a clickbate artist. I wish I hadn’t opened it.

So…if there is no football in the Fall, do I get my full payment back or just the cost of the tickets? Asking for a friend.

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I know a lot of pro teams are planning on keeping the money as “store credit” towards 2021 season tickets, of course having to add a little since season ticket prices go up every year.

Interesting. I guess I will need to read the fine print if that becomes the situation.

with how everyone is reacting to this covid crap, I just don’t see how there’s any way possible for there to be a football season.

other sports will follow suit unfortunately.

I wouldn’t be giving on the record comments until the presidents or commissioners agree on a course of strategy. No one wants to be on the record suggesting to cut football, unless you’re a tenured professor.

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I received an email from Brandon Evans (Ticket Office GM) back in May and one of the Q&A was if games or season cancelled we can option for a full refund, apply to future season tickets or donate to Cougar Pride. No mention about the 2020 required Cougar Pride seat donation. I will apply cost of tickets to future season tickets and as far as my 2020 CP required seat donation, well it is a donation to U of H athletics.

I know football isn’t life but I have to think the american people need a positive diversion from the on going negativity.


It may not be life; but it is the livlihoods for many people not on the field. I’m talking about vendors, the supply chain, restaurants, hotels, etc. A whole lot revolves around sports.


Those things are screwed this year. A whole year with no events, no gatherings. It’s depressing to think about, let alone the ecomic impact.

My friend who is high up in the NCAA food chain said if students aren’t on campus there will be no football.

I think our changes are 25/75 and if it starts it will be October at the earliest

I’m tired of the media putting out articles that only support shutting things down and not giving balanced news to justify it. This last article talks about cherry picking stats, yet it also cherry picks stats to make it seem the proper thing is shutting down football. A well rounded article that gives strengths of both playing and shutting down, giving a fair assessment would be shocking.


Channel 2 News at 10 did a short piece last night about the astros using our top notch baseball facilities and they talked with Todd Whitting who said something along the lines of the baseball season being more important and more challenging in part because of the lost football revenue this year. I can’t find it online so I’m paraphrasing… But I thought it sounded like he may have heard something about football we haven’t yet.

At least now, when an ESPN talking head says a G5 school doesn’t belong in the CFP because said school hasn’t “played anyone.” You can retort “you’re thinking of 2020 Kirk.”

Trying to stay positive here…


Think about it. Breakout rooms by position. One LIneman gets a positive test, the room must quarantine and the team forfeits.

I just don’t see how this works


I have a bad feeling that there will not be football this fall. However, I need to hear about it from somebody other than a hack like Pete Thamel before I truly despair.


Would not surprise me.

Any time someone starts putting up Stats, you should question until you know who did the statistics. It is easy to pull data and make statistics work in your favor. When people throw statistics to justify their case, you have to make sure they are unbiased.

Also amazing to me how a lot of people really do not understand math. Just the other day on the news, the reporter was talking about how CoVid is impacting the Hispanic population in Harris County more than others. Then he proceeded to say that 40% of the cases in Harris County were Hispanic and that Hispanics make up 45% of the population.