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Both would be good gets especially the WR. I’d really like to notch a couple of PR wins this off season. Just a few things to get the juices flowing, you know.


247 Crystal Ball for Jackson is 100% SMU.

To be fair, it’s only one prediction and it was made in February.

Good! I didn’t know that. I remember him coming out of high school—big-time receiver.

Sonny has done a great job at SMU. He is in his 3rd year there and pulling in a top 25 class. I’d be curious to know how much SMU is paying him. Seems good bang for the buck.

The big wideout would be a huge win for the Cougars as SMU is currently #24 in’s rankings for the class of 2021 (26th in Rivals). UH is in the 70s in both

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It’s not disclosed, but the rumor is around 3 million maybe a bit higher or a bit lower.

So pretty good at this point and got the program turned around in the right direction. I assume that’s what we’re going for with CDH as well. Sonny is just ahead.

At least he’s first! :upside_down_face:. Ooops! :smiley:

Sounds like someone got the wrong Houston. It’s Mike Houston not the University of Houston.



So maybe sonny is having more success since kids are staying closer to home?


Maybe, but then what does that say about CDH at this point? It doesn’t seem a bunch of the top end talent is too interested in staying home with us at this point.

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They are not going to stay home after seeing that awful season. You have to win with what you have first.

Lets see how this season goes before start jumping off the 610 Ship Channel Bridge


Ryan loves to throw darts. When they miss it sure doesn’t payoff that he blasted the news through twitter.

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Wasn’t even 24 hours …

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We might have gotten close. Kinda like gocoogs gets close on predictions but ultimately throws us ECU levels of performance.


Yeah, he’s wrong quite a bit, I’m not mad I assume he just goes with what he hears or maybe he extrapolates. Like all rumors it’s a greet with skepticism situation. Especially from this source.

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