No Loss AAC Champ will be in the CFP

ESPN/CFP took a beating in PR over UCF being left out. If theres a no loss G5 they will put them in this year. As a sacrificial lamb. They’ll use this as an example as to why they’re right. They cant afford for this to happen year in year out. They made a mistake allowing the G5 NY6 slot to begin with. It is the, “cracked open door”. UCF stuck the foot in. Next will be the leg etc…

I’ll believe it when I see it.


Where did you hear that??!

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A G5 undefeated team will never get in the CFP unless they expand it to 8 teams. Their excuse now, is the strength of schedule measurement, which is BS.

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It could happen but the probability is really low. You’d have to have a stacked OOC, the conference would also have to have several good teams with solid P5 wins, you’d have to run through teams like we did in 2011, and you’d have to have a down year in the P5 conferences with a couple of suspect 2 loss conference champs without particularly good resumes.

It could happen, just very unlikely.

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Strength of schedule has to be a factor. If we were to use UH as an example, if we were to run the table this year, as much of a homer as I am, I do not think we should be in the CFP over one loss SEC or B10 teams. Assuming the other 3 spots are held by conference champs. Could argue being over one loss B12 or Pac12, depending on their OOC opponents. Wins over TxTech and Arizona wouldn’t be strong enough.

On the other hand, an undefeated 2016 UH team would definitely have the strength of schedule, beating OU, running the conference, and then a late win vs Louisville. That is the team/scenario to make the argument


I agree with this.

Four wins over AP Top 25 teams and 13-0. That’s the golden ticket.
Is it fair, probably considering the current strength of the AAC.


We need 2007 to happen this year…and we would be in…assuming we don’t lose when we get the #2 spot…

They didn’t take a beating for not putting UCF in the top 4. They took a beating because UCF never cracked the top 10. Which means they were purposely keeping UCF as far as possible from the conversation.

Let’s be clear. UCF’s OOC wins were FIU, Maryland and Austin Peay. If your only top 25 wins are a double overtime win against a 20th ranked team and a 7 point victory over a team that should have been ranked at least 25th, you aren’t exactly proving you can beat any and every team.

UCF deserved to be top 10, not top 4. Had they dominated USF and Memphis to end the regular season, then the argument that “they can’t beat the teams not on their schedule” becomes a better argument against the glass ceiling.

Had Houston not loss to UConn in 2015, they would have had 3 top 25 victories with 2 of them being double digit wins. That would have been a better conversation for top 4.

I just can’t back any argument that says a 13-0 team with close victories against 20th and 25th ranked teams deserves a shot at a championship over a 12-1 team with four double digit victories over top 15 teams because of a 7 point loss to an unranked team.

While I believe Auburn played their best and UCF beat them, I don’t think that is any more proof UCF belonged than LSU beating Auburn meant LSU belonged. Any given day, any team can beat any other team. One big one or one ugly loss shouldn’t mean more than an entire season of work.


Exactly…which is why I think the 2016 would have had a much better case than 2015. The body of work, if you took it from the FSU win (I know it is not supposed to count but built momentum towards the OU opener) through the '16 season would have been a compelling argument. Oh what could’ve been…

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When you consider Alabama’s schedule last year, you know why it is called the UA invitational.
Look at that schedule in depth. Pathetic!!!

It doesn’t hurt to fantasize…

And this is why I will forever hate Tom Herman and Kevin Sumlin.


Assuming we did not lose to SMU, Navy, and Memphis in the 2016 season, there is absolutely no way the committee could have held us out of the playoffs. With our OOC wins.



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Would have been close. We’d have been behind Ohio State, Bama and Clemson for sure. Us vs. Washington would have been a major discussion point for the talking heads. The big issue is that the AAC wasn’t nearly as strong in 2016 as it was in 2015. I think Washington would have edged us by virtue of beating 4 ranked teams (2 on the road) with their only loss being to a ranked team. If we had our 2016 OOC schedule combined with our 2015 conference schedule in 2016, I think that would have been enough to edge out Washington.


Now that’s some strong polly weed


What happened in 2007? I forget.

Extremely doubtful.