No More Free Parking

Baseball no longer has free parking. I’m going to be honest, this REALLY upsets me. I’m a huge fan, I’ve supported this baseball program through thick and thin. I can count on one hand the number of home games I’ve missed (not including 2020). I didn’t attend this university. I don’t make a lot of money, but I do scrimp and save every season to buy my season tickets to support the team.

Back in the day, lot 16B was free for baseball. Now it charges, but we always had the free lot, that just included extra walking. Now, we don’t even have that.

That said, I now have to be able to scrape up an additional $30-40 a week, during baseball season just to park my car? I wish this was communicated to me earlier, because that may have effected my decision to buy tickets. It’s really sad how much nickel and diming the university has done.

The cheapest parking available is $10. There are 34 home games this year, which essentially means my season ticket price went up $340.

This new policy is extremely unacceptable, and feels like a real insult to the fans.


I feel ya, it’s like that up here in Seattle for husky games.

If you want to lie down with the big 12, you’ll wake up with fees.


It should have been noted in the season ticket renewal process. I kinda understand why they didn’t, didn’t want to risk losing season ticket holders like yourself, but still kinda cs. Feel for you, aren’t that many true blue baseball fans left thanks to the on field performance.

Baseball is the worst at changing the rules without any notifications.


Another garbage move by Pez.

They should be happy anyone even attends the games anymore after the last few years.

And now we are going to make people pay parking!?

I don’t care if it’s $1 , it sends the wrong message to the few fans left….

I guess the friends and family will have to pay to see their kids play now.


They should give the season ticket holders a parking pass for each game.


Or worst case, at least offer discount season parking for those willing to purchase season tickets considering the product on the field.


For anyone that can’t make the games they show them on ESPN+. I think I pay like $11 a month. Great deal with all the stuff available to watch.


You can park for free on Tuam Street and Drew Street just off Cullen. There’s room for 20-25 cars. That should be enough given the attendance the last few seasons. Another 7-8 can park on Anita Street if they’re willing to gamble that their passenger side glass won’t be on the ground in pieces when they get back to their car. Those bushes provide great cover for those who provide that service.


Not just baseball.

Softball too.

Not just those. They close the lots off to students. Football makes sense. Basketball they used to let you park in the lots if you were a student. Closed off now.

Baseball/Softball it’s closed off.

THAT was the first time I got pissed at the school shutting down parking for cash. That broke the back

I’m not paying to park to watch softball or baseball piss on them. I can see charging for parking for the Texas series ONLY to suck some more money out of all the Horn fans lol


That info’s been out there. Ive known since the first time they called me about buying tickets.
Did yall really think nothing was going to change with the conference move?

I think most were hoping for a coaching change. Lol


I was talking to the dad of one of our transfers last night and was he was very happy with the staff and how they were treating the players.
now we just need to win

I like Todd and want him to be successful but I just don’t see it anymore.

I will say it is a much more impressive assistant coaching staff than in the past.

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Yeah, since Woody fell in our lap. It wasn’t before that. And by past we are saying since 2017.

Plenty of free street parking off Cullen and Scott. Many fans do it for all sports. Never had a bad experience or seen any damage to cars for over 30 years.