No Respect for Tate

Khalil Tate attributes poor performance to growing pains

"It was the play before that when I got injured. I’d say they do a lot of aggressive tackling. I wouldn’t say it’s not fair, it’s just aggressive. Not a regular tackle, like a tackle and twist. Things of that nature.”

BS. The play before he handed it off. No Uh player came within 5 yards of him. The play before that was a 3rd down pass that no one came close to him. The only play where he was touched was on a run on 2nd down and he was falling before contact on that play too (11:33 left in the first). He slipped without being touched and likely turned his ankle there.


Speaking to the UA QB. Take your loss and vanished heisman hype like a man young man. Go to work and make yourself a better person, be a better teammate, learn not to make excuses for failures.


Well it was an aggressive loss by Arizona sooo…

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I almost posted it a few times in the gameday thread, but decided not to. Now I will after that comment. Tate has no heart. Dude will never be the man. Many plays showed that, he just wants it the easy way. I doubt that “injury” was much of anything.


He is just an early season Heisman hype put forward by the talking heads.

Good God, ESPN had their first Heisman “special” last week late Saturday night !!!

Hey… they have 24 hours to fill every day of the year !

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This is what happens when Scumlin is your role model.


Sumlin used it as an excuse. I don’t think Tate has. I just don’t like him implying we were dirty and caused his injury. Nothing we did before or during the play that he got hurt on was something we did, dirty or not.


I was reading the meltdown on the azdesertswarm forum after the game and a lot of their fans feel the same way.

Tate made it public he didn’t want Navy’s coach because he didn’t want to be an option QB, glad to see it’s working out.

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What a sawft ninja

What a peice of crap

Tate appears to be all sizzle and no steak.

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There’s a word for guys like this but it’s banned from this website.

LOL! Well said Jeep !
Go Coogs…beat tt !

Arizona AD should be fired for allowing Tate to basically pick the next head coach. This is college, not the pros, players shouldn’t have that much power as they’re only there for 4 years. Weak administration, weak program…feel sorry for the fans.

“I didnt come to Arizona to run the triple option”

Well… Sumlin sure was an upgrade (sarcasm)


I wonder if Tate faked the injury so they would stop calling runs for him. Hasn’t he been really stubborn about not wanting to be a scrambling QB?

I suspect that if Summie does not work out the AD will be fired.

Tate’s health was not the difference in the game. We owned them whenever we had the first teams on the field. I call BS. No other opponent in recent years has suggested we don’t play clean. He’s been shut down two weeks in a row, so he’s just looking somewhere other than the mirror.


Sumlin is wasting Tate. The guy had 1400 yards rushing last year. In two games he has 15 rushing attempts.

Everyone knows he is not a good passer. So when you take away his main weapon, his legs, you are left with a very mediocre QB.

I was expecting lots of read-option, RPO, especially after the lass to byu.

If Sumlin wants a pocket passer then Tate will not even be a starting QB by mid season.

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