No track roster update

Anyone know why we don’t have a 2022 track roster update on 2021-22 Track and Field Roster - University of Houston Athletics

Since your username is Truth, I’ll give it to you. Because our athletics department still doesn’t put any effort into track and field. There is still a 2021-22 coaching page that lists Magness as cross country coach.

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Not sure I can buy that completely. Our team travels to probably the 3 most prestigious meets in the outdoor season. For this it seems more like someone is not doing their job.

9 days later, they made a little progress but most of the new guys have no bio and a bunch are listed in the wrong class. Magness is still listed as cross country coach (its been 6 months!!!).

Is it a money issue? Or can it be blamed on Covid?
We have an elite track program that needs and deserves pub

Possible our athletics department is short handed, but its just as simple as somebody spending a few hours updating the website. We have a director of communication who handles women’s basketball, T&F, and cross country. I would assume it is their job to get all the necessary info for roster update.

I think it looks pretty bad now in the 3rd meet, but I have a runner agenda. :wink:

How have they done with baseball, softball, etc…are they keeping up?
I miss Ted Nance…he was the best…I agree, it does not take a lot of effort to go in an update…

No clue, too depressed about our baseball to pay attention to that. lol.

I think our track program will one day soon give us a national championship and hearing this is just pathetic and pure laziness…

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