No U of H at BUSH IAH

Are we Houston’s team or not?
I arrived at terminal C no U of H shirts or other U of H related products
Go to terminal A
I did ask managers at the stores that sold Houston tshirts why they did not have any.
People ask us but we don’t get any

Are we marketing our school or not?
DFW has smu and even tcu goods.
Austin has you know who

LAX has USC or ucla

San Diego has SDSU…sometimes more often than not.

Phoenix has ASU and even UA.

I am in Nashville connecting right now…
Who do I see right in front of me two 20 years old ladies wearing U of H t’s.

I kidd you not.


It’s not that UH won’t allow them to sell them but it’s that the shops won’t stock them.

Well, I asked this question more than once in a few stores and I consistently got back something along the lines of “their merchandising rules are kind of strict”. Maybe they were al lying to me but they were different kinds of stores.

If its anything like the shops in Houston the hourly clerks probably never get the information to the buyer. The GM is probably just focused on operations (getting people to come in) and doesn’t even want to get involved with merchandising trends. Probably scared they’ll pound him with more freight and no one to unpack it. That’s just my suspicion. This is the way managers think if they’re fighting for their job and don’t want to rock the boat or have to come in and run the store on a Sunday morning.


EVERYONE that flies out of BUSH IAH ask to buy a U of H t-shirt.
Damn I just started a fashion trend…


they have them at Hobby


Construction maybe?

Maybe they’re all sold out. LOL

I had a thread with a picture on it earlier this month.

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They watched the first 3 games.


Even when they sell shirts they’re usually ugly. I wish more places sold better looking shirts.

The rice academy and Pearland sam’s use to have good stuff and now the selection went down. It’s disappointing

The stores at IAH are run by the Mayor’s friends and family. Email him.

Good to know.
Mr. Turner?

Demand was so great they sold out and are waiting to re-stock.


Glad they have it at Hobby. Why can’t they have it IBush AH?

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