Nobody had a winning road record

Only 2, UH and Wichita had .500 road records, everyone else ended up with a losing road record. It’s anyone’s taking for the conference tournament title.

If I heard the announcer right Tulsa finished with a 5-4 road record…but they did not play near as tough a schedule as we did…

AAC standings show 6-7. Perhaps that’s all games

Yep they were 5-4 in conference road games. We finished 4-5

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Tulsa is a myth !!


Home cookin’!!!

Not sure why everyone is so down on Tulsa. We’re going to need them to keep getting strong if we ever want to be a five or six bid league.

Nothing wrong with them having a debutante for a change. They’re a tiny school with great academics. Very tough to be competitive in that situation.