Non Football Game Notes from UH vs. Rice

Just some various observations and questions from the game:

Rice 3rd Downs: I kinda digged the bass and don’t remember that from last year, reminded me of high school though.
P6: Anyone else notice the P6 logo on the sticks? I think I saw it on something else too.
Half Time: For some reason security was trying to get people to sit during half time in my section. They were just up rearranging and moving slow to go out to the concession stands. Not sure if someone complained or what, it was weird.
Peach Bowl Sign: Was that Peach Bowl Champs sign (like above the band) there last year? It looked like it should be lit up but it wasn’t.
Football Physics Video: That would have been nice if I could have heard it. Any idea if it is available online somewhere?
Trainers: One of the trainers filling up Powerade cups on the Rice side was wearing a UH polo. Not sure if that was just part of the friendly competition or what.
Ref Mic: The ref’s mic sounded like we were watching him on tv, instead of on the PA. Weird.

UH ran out of the tunnel with a P6 flag. All AAC teams are doing it. It was also one of the shields that flipped on the video screen from time to time.

As far as the trainers, I’ve seen that more and more in the college game recently, not just at UH.

I agree with you on the ref mic. It was kind of funny at one point because he was so close to the UH band and you could hear the band coming through the mic which was great. PA Announcer also started doing a sponsor read whlie the ref was trying to announce a penalty at one point; didn’t stop either.

We’ve had a trainer on the visitors side for several years now, my wife asked me the same question as to what that girl was doing there. Our people know where the plugs, water access and such are, I think it is good for the home team to have a rotating person to assist the visiting team out.

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Football Physics Summary: Humid air is lighter than dry air.


I wish they would be that concerned DURING the game. I don’t mind people standing to cheer on their team (UH or opponent) but don’t stand around talking to each other like you are at a bar catching up with an old friend and not watching the game. Take the social hour to the concourse or sit down – there are kids and elderly people behind you. Of course, when it was halftime, they walked up to the concourse. Thanks for allowing me to re-live that.


If they are blocking your’s or someone else’s view, especially elderly people and kids, tell them to please sit down. You have that right, but be polite.

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It would be a lot harder to police. I mean during the game you can go from talking to your neighbors about a play to cheering to other chit chat quickly. But I get your frustration.

I’ve always seen the ones who are there for injuries, they usually just stand around until there is injury. I’ve never seen one of the student trainers or equipment staff filling up Powerade on the visitor side which is what this was.

Half Time: Yep I was told to sit too - that caught me by surprise. I heard security kicked out a guy that just tripped and cited that he was drunk when it was just an accident. Seems like security is more strict this year?

Championship Banner: Seems oddly out of place. Some around me guessed maybe they didn’t have enough to fill in the corners with the ribbon boards so they used that as a placeholder.

Ref Mic: Sounded good at first but then seemed kinda muted.

PA System: Seems like they added speakers to the other side of the stadium and not just on the board? They also seemed to have fixed the sound delay / reverb when showing action on the screen.

Video Board: Is it me or does that screen look way better and brighter than last year??

Let’s hope not. The only thing they should do is help people find their seats and prevent fights. They aren’t trained to know if someone is drunk. I trip all the time and I don’t even drink.

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The skit about “bad jokes” needs subtitles.

Yea heard some people say that as well. I wasn’t sure.

It still has three damaged pixels…

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I think there is a rule from like the electricians union that says every video board everywhere must have at least three damaged pixels.


They may have fixed the sound delay but the audio quality could still be improved. For me personally, it’s hard to make out what’s being said - but Overall TDECU is such an upgrade to what we once had so I should just stop complaining!


I actually connected to the Wifi multiple times during the game. The previous two years I was able to connect once…total. Progress.

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I connected too, it just never connected me to the internet.

100% agree. I was sitting in 114, pretty much right next to the video board, and I couldn’t understand anything they were saying on any of those videos.

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I connected, but couldn’t get anything to load, not even Twitter.

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Too much bass. Hard to understand what is being said at times. I sit in 127 and IMO, it would be better to have speakers throughout the stadium instead of pumping the sound out directly from the big video board.

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