Non-Popular Sports

New to forums but I’m just genuinely curious about if fans care about non big UH sports like softball, tennis, or swim & dive. UH Softball are hosting teams like #1 Texas (this weekend), and Oklahoma State (top 10) yet when I go to the games this weekend it will be 90% UT fans. Same thing for other sports, but realizing that this “big rivalry” with UT is only getting pushed for the big sports shocks me.


Some do, but it is a small minority on Coogfans. Unless the teams are doing something more notable. However, post about them whenever you can as people will read it.

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I would love to see updates on all the sports teams, win or lose

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We had a much better following than usual for volleyball this year (and pretty good last).

It probably shouldn’t, but winning sure helps bring casual fans out.

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The secondary sports are much more fun to follow and contribute to on CF. Generally more informative and knowledgeable postings by fans that care.

You have to have a possibility of winning. Its not fun going and getting creamed.

Thats the apathy with baseball and softball.

Volleyball turned it around and theyre getting great crowds

Swimming surprised me because i saw nothing of it on twitter until i saw they got second.

Welcome to Coogfans Sam. Great to have you.