Non-Toxic recruiting/transfer portal Information Thread

All the other thread have turned into a battle ground so I thought it could be good to have a clean slate. We will hopefully have a lot of news to share in the next week or two regarding commits, signings and transfers. Lets post that here so everyone can keep it in a central location and keep dana/staff out.


Is the problem with rating classes that Include transfers the field of work since those transfers graduated high school?

I get that a 4 star out of high school May not have produced well once he got to college. But I would think that, with the baseline star it would be relatively easy for the rating services to evaluate up, or down from thst base star.

Obviously it’s easier said than done since overall class rankings including transfers has been talked about since 2019.

The whole recruiting process has changed. You can’t just add up the freshmen signees, add up the stars and determine who had a good class or not.

Welcome to Fight Club!

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Can there be a thread where just info on who is signed and who is targeted. I just wanna get to know the namez I’m gonna root for


Yes sir. This is what the OP intended. What signings are on the “radar” screen? Thank you.


I love this thread’s title and purpose. Hopefully, it’ll remain as intended until the early signing period arrives…


I’d say forget the rankings as long as we get what we need.


In before the lock.

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