Non-UH Basketball Talk - Week of 11/22

NOTE…posted times in the image are PACIFIC!!!

HERE WE GO!!! South Florida leading the way this morning. Should be a good game with Saint Mary’s and Memphis. Will also get some game tape for Sam Houston and SMU as they face off later.


Suuuuuper excited college basketball is back!


Mini panic attack…post shows 12 tip-off. Thought I had missed something and had to re-check. All is good for 2pm. :sunglasses:

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Sorry…eh! Pacific time on my ESPN. :smiley:

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I bet that Wichita Utah state game will be a good one

Not sure they’ll make that one up. But agreed…probably entertaining…especially considering all of the uncertainty with WSU’s program right now.

usf is having espn+ technical issues hope we arent going to have the same issues

Florida College came to play!

not 1 player on usf can shoot… yetna a big is the only player making anything from distance

Brian Gregory has to be furious at this defensive showing.

Michael Durr for USF is a surprise offensively. He looks like a sack of tators but he can move.

Yetna is the only guy I like. Durr is too soft. Collins is the same thing, tons of shots. Funky haired freshman may be good going forward.

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He has half a foot on his defender. Should be dominating

Who is Florida College? Is that a D2/D3 school?

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From Wikipedia…

Athletic teams participate in basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, and cross country. Although originally represented by a pelican, the school’s current mascot is the Florida College Falcon. The school has a touring Public Relations band called the Friends, which is a reference to Florida College’s original motto, “A Friend to Youth.” The school currently participates in the Southern States Athletic Conference of the NAIA.

Total enrollment is a little above 500 students.

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yeah defensively they look horrible…but they were good on D the last 2 years with practically the same players…i think their coach will chew them out after the game and will see improvement as the season goes

their offense seems to just be based around a size advantage that they wont have vs most teams… imo collins and the freshman they got are the type of players that need to be surrounded by shooters, and need floor spacing. both are dejon-esque players on offense …usf with no shooters at all seems like a recipe for a bad offense

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Radford-Virginia Tech is a good game. Coach Jones at Radford is a really good coach. Always has his guys up for games like this, handful of big programs they have beaten the last few years.

Oh, wow. This is terrible.

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Well on the bright side it can’t hurt their rpi cause the game won’t count.

Gotta hope this is just 1st game rust in a weird year. There offense looks bad though.