Non-UH Basketball Talk - Week of 2/22

AAC games this week…

2/24 Wednesday
Temple @ USF 6pm ESPNU
Tulane @ Memphis 7PM ESPN+
Cincinnati @ Tulsa 8PM ESPNU

2/26 Friday
Tulane @ Cincinnati 3PM ESPN+ (work productivity killer)

2/27 Saturday
Temple @ UCF 3PM ESPNU
East Carolina @ Tulsa 6PM ESPN+

2/28 Sunday
Memphis @ Cincinnati Noon ESPN
SMU @ Wichita State 7PM

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Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein (

Both games this week between Wichita State and SMU have been postponed due to issues related to COVID-19, per release.

6:04 PM · Feb 22, 2021

Once again WS may not play.

Aresco, where are you…hiding under the desk !!

both smu/wichita games for this week has been cancelled (the original and the added double header)

this is horrible for us, for wichita and for smu…wichita is now favored to win out if no makeup games are added…there goes our conference title…

Wichita and smu are both outside of the bubble and in desperate need of quality games…wichita has to make up 2 smu and 1 memphis game…

the aac is now in a spot, that have have to start considering cancelling games solely based on ncaa chances for the betterment of bids

this cancellation means wichita is free thursday and sunday… does memphis really need to play tulane this week? and usf next week?


The Mild Surprisers are currently 4 games behind UH in the games played column. If the title is decided by WL percentage and WSU finishes 9-2 and UH finishes 15-3 – (83.33% vs. 81.25% approximately) then UH has the better percentage. Does anyone have definitive guidance on how the conference title is decided given what is promising to be an enormously lopsided games played differential?

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win percentage…and wichita isnt on pause, its smu…
wichita still has 2 games itll be heavy favorites in (tulane, temple)…they wont finish 9-2 if they games arent made up

Not going to get too upset at the weird and wild things going on this season…but, theoretically, couldn’t WSU win the AAC regular season title and not make the NCAA Tournament? Seems sorta Southland Conference-ish to me.

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Just let Wichita, SMU, Memphis, and UH play each other the last couple of weeks.

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If WSU only has those two games, Temple and Tulane, then they are prohibitive favoirites. I agree. One would think any conference “title” would come with a giant asterisk under those circumstances.

They did only barely beat Temple at home so maybe Temple can show some of that brotherly love and do us a solid by beating them. But yah if they don’t add anymore conference games they most likely have the chip in the bag.

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That’s dumb that we’ve played these games and WSU might win out. Especially if the toughest opponents haven’t played each other and we might play everyone.

Out of curiosity, did the league set a minimum amount of games played as a requirement for being able to win league? Cause if not a team could’ve hypothetically played a single game, won, and then just canceled the rest of their games and hoisted the trophy.

no, just win percentage this year

So if it comes down to it we can schedule our revenge home game with ECU to get ahead of them for the title


If they go 11-2, we have to go 17-3 to get to a higher win percentage. That would require us scheduling three more conference games which isn’t possible. So basically at this point all we can do is root for Tulane and Temple to pull an upset.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1364004069866496001|twgr^|twcon^s1_&

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Thinking about it from Wichitas perspective. Wouldn’t it make far more sense to play the two easy conference games, virtually guaranteeing a chip and then schedule difficult non conference games to try and boost their at large opportunities. Get your cake and eat it too.

if scheduling was easy, yes… scheduling at this time of year is hell…

heres an article from wichita beat writer from like 10 minutes ago… they are desperate for any top game they can get… no p5/be conference teams want to play them…their best bet is looking for a mid major and they havent found anyone yet
memphis and smu are better than any realistic adds at this point

making the ncaa means way more to them than a conference title

Dodging games to hang a conference banner would be disgraceful.
Didn’t Tulsa use Covid as an excuse to not play Cincinnati the final game so they could play them the next week in the conference championship?

I agree the conference needs to step in and have the top 4 teams play each other twice.

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