Non UH Basketball Week of 12/28

FS1 now has Maryland @ Wisconsin. Minnesota and Mich State tip off at 7 PM Central on BTN

It looked like Wisconsin was going to start to pull away after going up 34-26 early in the 2nd half. And then all of a sudden Maryland jumps into a 3-2 Zone on defense and scores 8 unanswered to tie the game. Good game so far

Both teams are starting to heat up. 48-47 Maryland. 9 min left in the game

Michigan state has been the most overrated team in the country


Maryland 64-59 w/ 54sec left

Maryland beats #6 Wisconsin at home

But what about us?

2020-21 Kentucky


They got hammered tonight!

Sparty is on a free fall right now.

Close, but didn’t Michigan State start in the Top 5 or so? They’re just not very good

Preseason poll.

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Week 3. MSU first 5 games didn’t play anyone except Duke but they aren’t good this year.

Just a joke…both are not living up to their preseason hype but at least Sparty has more than 1 W.

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You can’t expect them to play well when they’re hammered. Maybe if they layed off the hooch they would do better.

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Ohh so that’s the reason why…
Ooops sorry wrong Sport! :face_with_monocle::grimacing::grin:


The fact Sean Miller and Will Wade are still coaching makes this even more a joke.


I really don’t want to restart a very boring and tired dispute, but Pesik wasn’t wrong. Watching the Miami/Virginia Tech game and Mutts is a good all around player.

1st half against a pretty athletic miami squad:
10 points, 7 rebounds, 2 ast, 3 steals.

USF up on Memphis at Memphis in 2nd half. 44-34 with 10:47 remaining

Memphis looks so bad. Zero fundamentals on offense. A team with that kind of talent should be much better than what I’m seeing on the court. Penny has a lot to learn in coaching

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