Non UH games

I am enjoying Navy lead early at UCF.

Two linemen left the game back to back for Navy.

Low’s locks of the day….
TCU -1
Ags -32. They are bullies
Coogs over 67 even tho it’s a non-UH game :slightly_smiling_face:

Disclaimer….if you lose any money, you deserve it for listening to me!

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Big Noon kickoff really doesn’t want TCU in the CFP. Leinart saying they don’t have enough defense to hang with UGA. Lol, who does Matt?!?

Baylor made TCU defense look like UH defense on first drive

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A&M tied 3-3 in the 2nd

No way I thought the ags could be that bad or uninspired. Umass 2 and 25 the last three years.


Man, when is the last time Alabama got ESPN+?!


And, on top of being vastly overrated and overpaid via NILs, collectively the Aggies starting defense probably can’t correctly spell “Massachusetts” even if you spotted them the “Mass” and a “u”.

The Aggy jokes write themselves


So nice, not being in a NAVY game down in the 4th quarter… aka the 5th stage of hell!


Naval Academy might pull this off against UCF.


Navy won yes. 17 to 14

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Gutsy win. I was yelling “PUNT !” on that last fourth and a foot. They made it.
Navy will be an AAC team I still follow.

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So yal are saying there is still a chance…

TCU v Baylor has been as entertaining as I expected. Always a great game / rivalry.

coming down to the wire.

Tcu rb drops 2 point conversion. Might just cost them

TCU making the playoffs would benefit the entire conference going into 2023. Not sure why Baylor wants to win this so bad

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Did you ever play competitive sports, and I’m not talking video games


im pulling for TCU here bigly

There’s no scenario under the sun where two teams in the PAC could play a game with the tension and stakes of this TCU - Baylor game.

Two different conferences.