None of the Talking Heads

Not to trying to bait you (air ball). Just a sarcastic statement regarding the fact thst any “critique” or “criticism” of a player, valid or not, is met with scorn and ridicule by an oh so precious number of posters who not only do not hsve a sufficient basketball IQ to make legitimate critiques or criticism, but they rally around their fanboy crying towels to point out that you “hate” and “attack” such a player as they cannot intelligently address such a post. And they’ll also trot out easily dismissed ststistical data to try and disprove such an assertion because again of their low basketball IQ. They eventually are only able to cling to infantile rantings even when other posters echo the same sentiments of the so-called “attack poster”. It’s all they have.

Personally, I just think it’s inappropriate to criticize dudes who are doing their best to represent our University. I also don’t want to develop a reputation as a fanbase that turns on its players.


As if making basketball comments sbout a basketball players performance is either.

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Haha. Not enough basketball IQ. Hahahahahahahah

When you said Jarace will be playing in the D League (during one of your infantile rants). You have zero credibility. And are one of the most clueless posters on this board. Pearland gives you a run for your money. But you still edge him out.

D League, D League, D League!!


Tell that to Sampson.

Dear Sir,

I hope he doesn’t, and who he is drafted by will dictate some of thst, but without a legitimate perimeter shooting game, undeveloped still and without good shooting mechanics he is judt another big body in the NBA that is a shooters league even by plsyers bigger than him. If he can dominate inside such thst he stands apart and management is satisfied with that then fine, but unless they successfully address his perimeter shooting challenges in the summer league you just have to wonder how long if at all they keep a roster spot for a player, who yes is an incredible athlete but still needs to Develop a key part of his game to become the player everyone wants him to be. He may be on the opening day roster in the bigs if his shooting woes are corrected prior to that, but that could be temporary. I hope he makes it and hope he goes off for the rest of the tournament. But as myself and others have pointed out he is not a CONSISTENTLY GOOD shooter from the field.

Oh goodness, I have turned on Walker. Good grief.

You sir, have issues.

Lol Walker to the D league

Shooting 35% from three is going to put him in the D League. Lol

Just to put that into perspective. Marcus Sasser shot 35% from three as a freshman.

Jarace was shooting over 40% from three a month ago. He’s in a shooting slump. Which has already been said.

Let’s not even talk about any other aspect of his game. He’s probably the best defensive prospect in the draft. And he is absolutely the best playmaking 4 in the draft.

Someone tell Bussey what Jabari Smith is shooting from three this season. Please.

I enjoy him doubling down on his foolishness.

And continuing to improve his stock. Look at that. Even mentioned his jumper a couple of times.

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Joprior why are you trying to debate the village idiot?


I don’t think a lot of these so called “talking heads” watch all of the games
Shannon Sharpe said this morning that the only good remaining team aside from Alabama was UCLA

Sampson is the coach. He is paid for his expertise. We are not.


He also has 700+ wins. Lol

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Where is @pesik when you need him. lol

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I definitely need to stop.

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Ppl really saying Walker is a D League candidate? Like it was that was true he’d have to consider returning as it places him at 20-30 slot in the draft, where a playoff team wouldn’t have minutes for him.

I’m a big NBA head and I just don’t see how he doesn’t get rotation minutes next year tbh… his ceiling is immense. He can easily replicate Sochan and his huge impact in San Antonio as a top 5 rookie this year

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Crazy, isn’t it? But I’m starting to not be surprised by some of that stuff posted here.

Jarace is the most talented all-around freshman front court player I’ve seen at UH. We’ve had PGs that couldn’t make some of the passes he’s pulled off


We do it for free!

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I once compared him to former Coog star Lou Dunbar, but Jarace is thicker, tougher, a better passer, better shot blocker and probably a better shooter.
Jarace is certainly a key player for us down the stretch. He is such a team oriented player to be a five star stud. He does not have a selfish bone in his body.
Against Auburn he runs fast down the court and dives for a ball heading out of bounds. He saved that ball to a teammate while falling to the floor.
The kid is special and Lord I wish we had him a couple more years. I think he has the talent to be right of there with Hayes, Dream and Clyde…


He lets the little guards go around him and then he swats their layups into the stands or halfcourt. Its 7nreal.