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If you think about last year, Chaney was hurt but started, now he is better and six man, says a lot.

Talking head behind a paywall:

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Some think we can win it all without Sasser? And if without him that Sharp and Arceneaux are going to step up as true freshmen and suddenly make such a big difference like they haven’t all season? They’ve shown flashes and maybe one has a big uptick for 1 or 2 games in the dance. But making a difference in getting to the final 4 and winning it? Darn, it’ll be an achievement to have JW perform like he really hasn’t for over a month.

And any collective effort to replace Sasser’s scoring, defense, and court/experience leadership?

Dream on. Look at what our team did, with the exception of Sasser, against Cincinnati. Play great D all you want, but to get to the final 4 you have to be putting it in the bucket as well. Say hello to Nova.

Need Sasser big, big time.


Agreed. I think we can get past the first weekend without Sasser (although second round will be tough), but no way we win it all without him.


Where have you seen that being said?

The team did play pretty well without Sasser against Cincinnati and shot over 50%, so I’d say that’s pretty close to a best-case non-Sasser game, except for the 3P shooting.

The 1-2 punch of Sasser and Shead on both ends of the court is a big part of what separates us from most other teams. If we can get some 3P shooting from anyone else, we’re winning games comfortably.

I didn’t read the entire thread but Borzello had UH in Championship game vs Bama but losing.

Lunardi has UH winning it all….if Sasser is healthy.

You are correct. And it was my bad re confusing ECar and Cincinnati. Outside of Sasser vs ECar we were 8-48, and I’ve mentioned previously that if we can play like we did vs Cincinnati we are strong and played for the full game like that like we haven’t most of the season or for any stretch of games. So I was wrong on my facts, partially, but not on our inconsistency and hoping I’m wrong on our duration in the dance if we have to do it without Sasser.


Tramon Mark, Terrance Arceneaux, and Emanuel Sharp needs to improve their shooting fast. Below are stats for the AAC tournament games. Combined: 14-63 (5-26 in 3s), 47 pts in 3 games.

Tramon Mark:
Sunday: 3-10, 0-1 (3s), 10 pts.
Saturday: 2-8, 0-2 (3s), 8 pts.
Friday: 1-10, 1-4 (3s), 4 pts.
Combined: 6-28, 1-7 (3s), 22 pts.

Terrance Arceneaux:
Sunday: 3-10, 1-4 (3s), 9 pts.
Saturday: 1-5, 0-2 (3s), 4 pts.
Friday: 1-5, 1-2 (3s), 3 pts.
Combined: 5-19, 2-8 (3s), 16 pts.

Emanuel Sharp:
Sunday: 1-5, 1-5 (3s), 3 pts.
Saturday: 1-5, 0-2 (3s), 2 pts.
Friday:1-6, 1-4 (3s), 4 pts.
Combined: 3-16, 2-11 (3s), 9 pts


If anyone, just one, it shoukd be Mark’s experience that gets him bsck on track. Fingers-crossed. He has nosedived after being dependable and consistent.


My recommendation for Mark is to start the game driving strong to the basket and finishing, drawing some defensive fouls along the way. With driving layups and some FTs mixed in, he’ll get into the flow of the game with some confidence. This will back up the perimeter defense on him so when he shoots his jump shot, there will be separation between him and the defender.

Getting Mark untracked is one of the early signs I will be looking for.

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He needs to revert back to Tramon March


This is what I want to see that hasn’t been happening lately:

  • Tramon driving and either shooting 12 footers or getting to the basket. The occasional 3 is nice, but he has been so cold lately from distance that I’d rather him go back to his bread and butter.

  • Jarace never, ever shooting another running floater. Pull up and shoot a jump shot over the opponent. He has to be shooting less than 10% on the year on that stupid floater! I’d rather him shoot that incredible 17 foot fade away every trip down the floor than throw up a 5 foot running floater in the lane that clangs off every single time.

  • TA has to stop hesitating on the 3. If he catches it in shooting position, just shoot it! If TA ever finds Sharp-level confidence in his shot, look out!


I would rather Houston gets no credit. It has been that way forever. The only time UH was an overwhelming favorite to win the national title the Cougars collapsed against N.C. State. Having said that, UH has 10 guys that can play. Sasser has effectively disappeared in a few games. Shead has had trouble in games. Mark has disappeared in games. The POINT is that when one guy disappears someone else has stepped in and saved our bacon. It has happened for UH for several years now under Sampson. Sampson has sort of a NBA type rotation. It is by design.

I remember it too. I was sitting about 8 or 9 rows up, center court . . . . . If I remember correctly, it was freezing outside. Guy sitting next to me was sunburned. He had played golf Sunday, between games. We drove back to Lubbock on icy roads, just in time to make our flight back to H-town . . . . .

When did the talking heads steal the football phrase of running downhill instead of the basketball phrase driving to the bucket. I am getting tired of all the downhill stuff in basketball.

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Oh my you along with 3 people liking your post attacking Walker. Shame!!! It’s not your place.

D League, D League, D League!!!

I’m not sure if this is serious or not. My only complaint about Jarace is the running floater he shoots, which is still terrible. I don’t recall if he shot one of those on Saturday, but he played an amazing game.

He was trying to bait you. Because he still looks foolish for saying Jarace would be playing in the D League.


He shot a couple on Saturday and missed them I think.