Nooks is taking over the rooftop. They are currently taking a portion of the wall out to connect the coffee shop with the stairs. The rooftop will again be a full sized restaurant/bar area and will be completed at some point this year. Remains to be determined what name the upstairs will be called.


Thanks for the update. Good place to go before a baseball game.

Good informative post . I would hang out in the “upper Room” if I were still a student there.
Go Coogs !

Nice! I’m a Nook loyalist…I stayed in the neighborhood after graduation & try to go there every weekend for a cup of motivation & nostalgia. Glad to see them getting more space…perhaps they’ll have more community events? Movie night, trivia night, etc.

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I had two out of state guests who I was showing around UH. On graduated from Northwestern and another from Fordham. We stopped at Nooks and they both were raving about the place. Said it is one of the “coolest” campus coffee shops they’d been in. Not being an authority on campus coffee shops their reaction surprised me.

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Don’t know much about on campus coffee shops either, but just as a coffee shop itself, I’d say The Nook is a top 5 in HOU. Idk what it is about this place, but the “feel” to it just makes me feel cozy and makes me want to read or do something productive. Ofc, it helps that their coffee is good, too.

How many hangouts/ bars around UH now for students?

On campus? Right now it’s just The Nook & The Den. Other on-campus options are the Bowling Alley in the Student Center, Pink’s Pizza, and I believe that’s it. Off-Campus there’s a lot more, especially near or around UH.

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Unless I go to Pinks or plan to stop for dinner elsewhere after the game Nooks is my post game tradition.

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