North Texas game will be broadcasted on Facebook..?

Technically it’s “stadium” not Facebook… stadium just run its streaming service through Facebook

Stadium is one of the TV partners for C-USA games… Any away game to a C-USA team (which we have a lot off, rice, utsa, unt etc) … Likely stadium, beIN or NFL Network…


Delete Facebook


and you can stream it from facebook onto your tv. sweet.

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I plan to be there. It’s a relatively short drive. Drive up Saturday morning and spend on night on the way back. Last time my group alternated driving and did it all in a day.

Stupid question, but do I go to Conference USA Network Archives - Stadium to watch the game?

Right now, they only have one thing scheduled and that is on the 14.

Just texted Crash, my in house tech advisor, and he said he can hook up Facebook to the TV. I’ve been to Denton twice, that’s plenty.

If you have a smart TV, there’s an app you can download called “Pluto TV”, it’s free. On there you can find a channel called “Stadium”. That’s where they televise a lot of the C-USA games.