Northwestern State

Rice beat them 102-74 last nite at Tudor. Maybe Rice is a little better than we thought although Northwestern is now 1-3. Should be a good game to get the newcomers lots of action.

Last year in RPI, out of 351 teams:

Rice 322
Northwestern State 343
Alabama A&M 350

Rice returned quite a bit and Pera has done a decent job of bringing in some talent this year. They were in the CIT just two years ago so they do have some capability. Don’t think they’re a world beater, but they’re 3-2 so far with losses to undefeated Penn and undefeated Houston. Of course, their 3 wins are against a Div II team, and the two teams up above. Rice’s next two games are against BYU (before our game against the Cougars) and Wichita State. Should be interesting to see how they do.

Hey, they are ahead of their FB team !!

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Not easy to evaluate head to head this early.

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