Not in NIT bracket?

I thought we were a 3-seed in the last bracket but I don’t see us this week.

Had to be an oversight.

Irrelevant because we are going to win the tournament



Probably were projecting us in the NCAA tourney. Otherwise just a simple oversight. I think NIT bracketology is better served to do enough research to show average home attendance for each team as well since that determines home court most of the time.

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In a neutral court, UH can no doubt win the Tournament. UH has shown they have the mental & endurance factor. SMU & UC will be different once they play their 3rd game in as many nights. Factor will be to beat UCONN, and claim the 3rd seed out right. Just need one more scorer off the bench to step up consistently. Armoni Brooks would be nice if he does.

Must have had us in the tourney. I have a feeling we may be closer than most of the national guys think we are. If we can just win these next 3 games…