Not sure if this is Politics....BUT........this REALLY chaps my hide!

Yea I totally feel like he escaped justice. Was under indictment for almost 10 years just for this result? If this was what they were going to get, why did it take so long?

I really would have liked to see this on trial publicly. Even if he was acquitted in the end, I think this deserved to go to court.

I hope this isn’t how all securities fraud cases are handled.

Lesson: If you are wealthy and well connected you can get away with just about anything. It does feel like two different systems of justice.


There for sure are, based on class at the very least but also we know there are racial disparities tied in too.

If any one of us had the same charges, we would not have the same outcome.

Because there is. One for the well connected meaning rich and everyone else

The word Justice gets tossed around a lot in legal situations. I’m not sure the system is interested in justice as much as it is the law, which even at it’s best leaves a lot of room for interpretation and in some cases even manipulation.

It can be hard cheese living in a society where some can seemingly get away with so much wrong while others strive to do right.

Having been a prosecutor for almost six years now, the end goal of prosecution is justice.

This definitely does NOT seem like justice to me.


Sorry for being jaded.

I agree with you.

I can imagine how it’s even more disappointing for you guys who work to create something just.

Since I have no idea what the actual facts of the case are, I don’t have an opinion.

Having an opinion based on media reports is ignorant.

And he’s still the AG. What a crock of crapola. It’s a stain on the entire justice system.

True about every indictment, or court case in history unless you’re on the jury, the judge, prosecution, or defense. Apply the logic universally.

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Justice delayed is justice denied.

My opinion was to the fact it took 9 years to get to this result. I feel a bit cheated that we didn’t get a trial to hear the evidence and arguments. I also feel like if I was a defendant with the same case, I wouldn’t have had this result.

I wonder how he’ll try to get the legislature to pay the bill.

I’m sure he’ll call his work as AG “community service.”

15 hours of legal education? That’s about what he’s required to have to keep his license, anyway. It would be newsworthy if all of the required legal education was in ethics.

This is a farce, but at least some money changed hands, I guess.