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If after reading this you still have questions/doubt, please contact ESPN.

For those that do not start reading at the beginning, it does state this is not ncaa sanctioned event.


Because it’s not a NCAA sanctioned property. It’s a promotion created and run 100% by ESPN. Their games, their committee, their show, their poll. It’s all as Disney as Snow White.


It’s not ESPN to look at. It’s the bowls. They are the ones that dangle bowl games in front of board members and threaten to take them away if board members don’t do what is in the best interest of the bowls. ESPNs involvement is more secondary. They know the P5 is over-rated. Over-rated means it’s easier to know where the eyes will go. They don’t have to advertise games as much. It’s easier to sell advertising. So if they put more videos of P5 teams and endorse recruiting rankings and a power ranking system that heavily favors P5 teams, it’s even easier to sell spots to advertisers. It would be that way with or without a CFP.


This was not intended for you. Sorry you did not understand.

From the article:
“The College Football Playoff is not an officially sanctioned championship event by the NCAA, the sport’s governing body. The NCAA has never recognized an official national championship for FBS football, instead merely recognizing the decisions made any of a number of independent major championship selectors. Consequently, Division I FBS football is the only NCAA sport in which a yearly national champion is not determined by an NCAA event, nor is an official NCAA national championship awarded.”

One wonders why a 16 game playoff for the FBS teams is too hard on student athletes, but one for the FCS level isn’t. Are they saying that McNeese or Sam Houston State athletes are better students than those at Stanford, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Cal, etc.?

I thought everyone knew the NCAA does not control the bowl games or the playoffs. If anyone follows college football, they should know that.

If you have noticed the people who run post season CFB, they do not change quickly or drastically. They make very small baby steps.

  • #1 ranked AP is CFB Champion
  • BCS takes top 2 to championship game
  • CFP takes top 4 to playoffs

I am assuming in 2027 they will take top 6 to playoffs.

Notice the conference affiliations and other board members.

Some posters seemed to act like it was something the ncaa was doing thus wanted to sue.

You must click on to read everything.

It’s about bowl money and schools like The OSU, Bama, ND and others not ever wanting to see an unsung program crowned national champion like happened in 1984 with BYU. That’s the event that got us to where we are now. Plus, the big bowls are afraid that they would be cut out of the money they currently get if the NCAA actually sanctioned and developed a real playoff. That fear is unfounded as the semi-finals and championship game can be rotated between the NY6 bowls like they are now. And, they would possibly make more money because guys like me would actually watch a legit championship playoff.